Pros and Cons of Grow Bags

Pros and Cons of Grow Bags

Pros and Cons of Grow Bags

There is no doubt that the use of grow bags has been on the rise for years now. With so many benefits available with grow bags, there is more reason for you to consider getting grow bags for yourself right now.

That is not all, there can be some cons associated with grow bags too. To help you make up your mind, we will look at the pros and cons of grow bags below.

Pros of Grow Bags

Better Drainage

Grow bags comprise of a breathable fabric, which is important for features such as aeration and drainage. We all know the importance of having the best drainage for plants. Aeration is also important for most garden containers as it helps the plants to grow better.

For a container that lacks aeration, then the plant roots would try to get out, unfortunately meeting the walls of the container and it is a dead end.

Better Temperature Control

The breathability of the grow bags is important also for controlling the temperature in the container. During the summer months, we expect that the temperatures would be higher.

When too much heat is trapped in the bags, then it can end up cooking your plants. The fabric bag will regulate the temperatures in the bag so that the plants do not have to deal with the stress of high temperatures in the soil.


We found that grow bags are also versatile when it comes to applications. You can use them to grow different types of plants with ease. Most are lightweight and come with handles too. This means that you can move the plants around with ease.

Plant Grow Bags

Some who love to travel around in their RV, you might find them carrying their plants around. Also, grow bags do not take up a lot of space because of their size. There are several sizes to choose from depending on your needs.

Good for Areas with Bad Soil

You might be living in an area where the soil quality is not good. It is best to get a grow bag with the right soil type to fix the situation.

The grow bags can be ideal for people with heavy soils that might make it hard to grow things such as potatoes and carrots.

If your soil is not as good, use a grow bag with looser soil to help the plants grow better.

Easy to use

Many find the grow bags easy to use overall. You do not have to go through complicated manuals just to understand how they work. Just fill them with healthy soil and plant the seed or transplant the seedlings.

They are also preferred as they do not need much work that beds require. A bed would require removing of grass and using many other tools to prepare the soil before planting.

Cons of Grow Bags

Durability Issues

Hard-bodied containers are known to last a lot longer as compared to grow bags. For most grow bags, they would only last 2 to 3 growing seasons. Some might go up to 5 growing seasons, but that is it. As such, you would have to keep buying new grow bags more often.

The Cost

Considering the grow bags do not last as long as other containers, then it means you have to spend more money replacing them. The cost will depend on the amount of plants you have to grow within a certain period. It might not seem much in the beginning, but the costs can quickly add up over time when using grow bags.

Environmental Concerns

Since grow bags are not all biodegradable, we find that you end up with multiple grow bags that do not decompose fast in a few years in your compound. This means that you also have to start thinking about the environmental impact of such bags.

In Summary

Grow bags can be the best thing you get for growing different plants in your garden. With the many benefits they have to offer, then you should find them being ideal to get right now. You can always weigh the pros and cons before making up your mind. In this case, there are more benefits than cons, making grow bags ideal for garden use.


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